3 feet groom got 3 feet bride, got married with pomp; video viral

3 feet groom got 3 feet bride, got married with pomp; video viral

It is said that only the one above makes the pairs. He has something good written in everyone's fate. The person with whom he has to meet, with whom he has to spend his life, he finally gets it. Yes, there may be some delay in this, and there may be various obstacles in the way, but it is definitely achieved. Nowadays, a video related to this is becoming very viral on social media, in which the marriage of three feet bride with three feet brides is being seen with pomp. The special thing is that in this unique marriage, the family members of the bride and groom also took part in a big way.

According to media reports, the discussion of this unique marriage was such that even uninvited people came to see the couple. The case pertains to Punaura Dham of Sitamarhi, where the couple got married with pomp. By the way, generally, people with a height of three feet are less and even if they are there, they get married with great difficulty. The same happened with this couple, but eventually, they got each other's support. In the video, you can see that the bride is standing wearing a wedding dress and a lot of people are also standing around her, including her family members and relatives. At the same time, in no time the groom also comes there and takes a photo holding the hand of the bride.

Watch the video of this unique wedding

This unique marriage is being discussed in the whole area. According to reports, the name of the three feet bride is Pooja and she is 21 years old. Pooja is a resident of Lohia Nagar of Sitamarhi. Whereas, the name of the groom is Yogendra and he is a resident of Dumra block of Sitamarhi district. Yogendra's age is 32 years.

According to the information, Yogendra was looking for his life partner for a long time, while Pooja was also having trouble finding a groom for herself, but they say that what is written in one's fate, stays together. . In this episode, Pooja and Yogendra met and they got married not just like that but with great fanfare.