UP: Dalit teachers were expelled from school, said- only Muslim teachers will teach

UP: Dalit teachers were expelled from school, said- only Muslim teachers will teach

In Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, the incident of evacuating two Dalit Hindu teachers has come to light. A Muslim school manager from Aligarh has been accused that he fired two Dalit Hindu teachers from the job saying that now he would replace them in school and keep them only Muslim teachers. Rahul Bharti, a teacher belonging to the Dalit society of Mohammad Alhamad Islamia High School located in Telipada Gali No. 5 of the Shahzamal area of ​​Aligarh, has raised his voice against the school management.

Rahul, a resident of Ambedkar Colony in Aligarh, has said that he was serving as a teacher for the last 3 years at Mohammad Alhamad Islamia School. After the school was over on August 31, he and his other fellow teacher Praveen Kumar were called to the office and the school manager Dr. Zafaruddin Khan, while calculating the salary, asked to end the services.

Excluded from school without any notice
Rahul has accused the school manager of avoiding jobs without any prior notice. On this, manager Dr. Zafaruddin Khan said that we will now give preference to Muslim teachers by replacing you in school. Rahul says that he is a B.Ed and TET-qualified teacher. The Malia situation in the house is very bad, the elderly mother in the house is also ill. There is no government job, due to which they are forced to do private jobs.

Dalit teacher Rahul said that the school management has given righteousness to a particular religion bypassing the qualities and degrees of his education. Due to this, his feelings have been very hurt. Whereas the current Yogi governments are in action these days regarding schools and madrasas. Due to leaving the job in the beach session, there are problems. He wants that strict action should be taken against such a manager who discriminates between the teachers, saying that the educational institution gives preference to the special religion.

The school is following the madrasa rules
MI School manager Zafaruddin said that this is recognized by our school madrasa board. Now during the inspection, DMO Saheb came, then it was ordered that the madrasa should be run according to the GO of the Madrasa Board. You have some shortcomings here, those shortcomings should be met. Madam told me some time. We will convert some staff and recruit other staff. Those who will be qualified with the madrasa board. See the news of my career here.

He came from this session. We had no idea about these rules, we had taken them to teach in school as educated. We were not aware, so he recruited Hindu teachers. We did not give them notice and told them that the inspection has been done. When we came to know, we told them that we are stopping them. There are some rules of the madrasa board, if you are not able to follow them, then you will be called.