'Azam's retaliation on CM Yogi on as many votes as you get in jail.

'Azam's retaliation on CM Yogi on as many votes as you get in jail.

SP MLA Azam Khan has retaliated against the verbal attacks of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Rampur. Azam Khan has said 'Our history and name cannot be erased. Responding to CM Yogi's taunt without naming them, Azam Khan said that even after doing development works, he did not get as many votes as he was in jail.

Azam Khan said that he won the election while in jail. At the same time, Azam Khan also read a lot of cases in his praise of the development works of Rampur. He said that the road on which it could never be run is the most beautiful in Rampur today. The SP MLA said that no one had thought that there would be a drain of RCC in Rampur.

'Love of Rampurwalas will not change'
Responding to CM Yogi's attacks, SP MLA Azam Khan said, 'We will not change the love of Rampurwalas' At the BJP's victory in the Lok Sabha -election, Azam said that,' Parliament has not been won, winning the election, winning it People should be embarrassed. This is not the victory of Parliament but the defeat of democracy.

Azam Khan's reply to Rampur's exploitation
Please tell that CM Yogi Adityanath, who reached Rampur on Sunday, attacked Azam Khan without naming them. He had said that those who exploited Rampur for their selfishness, are suffering the consequences. They are suffering. Now Azam Khan has retaliated against this statement of CM Yogi.

Schemes focused on just one person
Please tell that without attacking the SP MLA Azam Khan, Chief Minister Yogi had said that such people, who had no place for development and public welfare on the agenda, exploited Rampur for their selfishness. CM Yogi said that development plans were not made keeping Rampur in mind, but those schemes became a means of exploitation of only one person. Such people are also suffering their degradation.