Massive explosion outside the embassy in Kabul

Massive explosion outside the embassy in Kabul

There has been a loud explosion outside the Russian Embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. According to the report, 20 people including 2 Russian Diplomats lost their lives in this incident. It has also been informed that the attacker was shot dead by the security forces with a gun.

According to local media, there was a suicide bombing at the main gate of the Russian embassy when people were queuing for visas. The RIA-Novosti news agency quoted a source as saying that the explosion occurred when an embassy employee approached people waiting in a queue. In some media reports, the death toll is being told as 25.

There was an explosion in a school on Saturday

Earlier on Saturday, four children were killed in a blast at a school in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan. It was told that the children had found an unexploded ball, which they had brought to play in the school. During this, the shell exploded and the children lost their lives. Three other children were injured in the incident.

At the same time, last Friday there was a suicide bombing in the Gujargah mosque in the western Afghan city of Herat. The blast took place during Friday prayers, in which the Imam of the mosque, Mujeeb Rehman Ansari, and several others were killed. Later officials said that 18 people, including the imam, were killed and 23 were injured in the blast at the mosque.

Several bomb blasts in recent months

Violence in Afghanistan was believed to have decreased since the Taliban came to power, but there have been several bombings in recent months. Minorities were targeted in most of the attacks. The dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State has claimed responsibility for many attacks. IS is also a Sunni Islamic group like the Taliban but the two are bitter on ideological grounds and are rivals each other. Taliban officials in Afghanistan claim the Islamic State has been defeated, but experts believe it remains a challenge to current regimes to protect Afghan security.

Let us tell you that on August 17, there was an explosion in a mosque in Kabul. The blast took place in the evening when many people had gathered in the mosque for prayers. 21 people were killed and dozens were injured in this blast.