Monkeypox virus will be renamed as Mpox, WHO will take a decision soon

Monkeypox virus will be renamed as Mpox, WHO will take a decision soon

There is a decrease in monkeypox virus cases worldwide. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is considering changing the name of this virus. According to the US newspaper report, WHO will name monkeypox as mpox. The organization has taken this decision after continuous appeals from the US administration to change the name of the virus. The name can be changed till Wednesday.

So far, there is a decrease in monkeypox cases worldwide, but at the beginning of May, cases of this virus were increasing rapidly in America and Europe. Monkeypox was also declared a Global Health Emergency in America. More than 30 thousand cases of this virus have been registered in the US. This virus spread from Africa. This was the first time that even in endemic areas, thousands of monkeypox cases were reported. Cases of this virus were also registered in India, although monkeypox did not spread in the country and less than 20 cases of this virus were reported here.

The name of any disease is related to the region
According to its protocol, the WHO also names any disease related to that area. Many times doing this affects the reputation of that area as well. The monkeypox virus was spread by monkeys and originated in Africa. In such a situation, it has now been decided to change its name. The purpose of the name change is to avoid insulting any cultural or ethnic groups. In view of the increasing cases of monkeypox, the WHO declared it a national health emergency in July.

what is monkeypox
Monkeypox is a virus that spreads like smallpox. It spreads through contact with infected animals and humans. Monkeypox first appeared in animals in 1958. After this, in 1970, this virus was found in a child in Congo. The symptoms of monkeypox are also similar to smallpox. Initially, there is a fever, and after that rash starts appearing on the face and body.

America has recorded the most cases of monkeypox in the Old World. This virus has been found most in gay men in this country. Ways to avoid the virus include taking care of cleanliness and avoiding coming in contact with the infected.