The story of the true-crime incident seen in the trailer of 'HIT: The Second Case'

The story of the true-crime incident seen in the trailer of 'HIT: The Second Case'
The trailer of 'HIT: The Second Case' starring South actor Adivi Shesh is reminiscent of the horrific Shraddha Walker murder case in Delhi. The name Shraddha is mentioned in the trailer which connects people to the story. This is a coincidence. The story was written a year ago and the film is releasing within a week after such a gruesome real-life tragedy.
'HIT 2' is the second installment of 'HIT' verse by Dr. Sailesh Kolanu.
The film directed by Sailesh Kolanu is all set to hit the screens on December 2, 2022. The makers enthralled movie lovers with the thrilling trailer on Wednesday.
The trailer gives a glimpse into the journey of a quiet cop, Krishna Dev (KD), who is confronted with a sinister case. In the trailer, KD mocks criminals as bird-brained and then finds himself solving a gruesome murder that has shaken the entire city.
KD's life, love, job, and everything else are intertwined in it. Will KD be able to solve the case? Will he be able to track down the real culprit of this heinous crime?
Adivi Shesh made her Hindi film debut with 'Major'. Apart from being critically acclaimed and tasting success at the box office, the film was selected as the Hindi language film of the year by the 53rd International Film Festival of India.
Responding to requests from netizens, the makers of 'HIT 2: The Second Case' are eyeing a release for the Hindi version by the end of December.
The film stars Meenakshi Chowdhary in the lead role, while Rao Ramesh, Srikanth Maganti, and Komali Prasad will be seen in key roles. Prasanthi Tipirneni is producing the film while Natural Star Nani is the presenter.